Computer Repair
 NJI Computer provides varieties of repair services for stand alone and networked computers. We do both Hardware and Software repairs for computers with DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix, Linux and Novell Netware.
Following is our current price list:

Hardware Services:
(Does not include parts or software services or extended warranty)

 Checkup, Diagnosis and repair estimate
(This charge goes toward the cost of repair, Covers opening and closing the computer case, temporary setup for test, minor repairs such as loose cable. Includes in all repairs.)
 Removing and reinstalling any Hard Drive, Floppy Drive or CD ROM $25
 Removing and reinstalling any Modem, Sound Card, Video Card $17
 Removing and reinstalling power supply $25
Dust removing (not detailing, required for all dusty computers)  $15
 Removing and reinstalling Main Board (mother board) $50
 Removing/ reinstalling memory set $15

Software Services:
(Does not include parts or hardware services or extended warranty)

 Installation or reinstallation of DOS, Windows 3.1, 95 or 98 $25
 Hard Drive Partitioning and format (required for all new or defective drives.) $25
 Installation of CD Software (Driver) $15
 Installation of Sound Software and Driver $25
Installation of Modem Software and Driver (Guaranteed only if purchased new)  $25
 NJI Computers is a division of New Jersey Industrial Research Center, Inc.

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