The NJI computer Training Center has a program, packed with courses that will help you to understand and use the new technologies in your field.Our class schedules are flexible and the topics are practical. So get ready for future, before another minute goes by.
 New: Power of the Internet seminars
 New: The Ultimate Advantage (Internet Seminar)
 New: Children Class with 12, 26 or 42 lessons


 How to start:


  • If you are already a computer user you may want to learn or improve your skills in any of the computer related subjects and programs so Just review our schedule.Or if you are not familiar with computer or you want to take a comprehensive training without missing any necessary subject, see information about our packages.If you are not sure how to start, we are here to help you! Just let us know that you need a professional consultation and we will make an appointment for you at your convenience. Financial problem? No problem. We have a variety of plans that can help you to pay for your training. Call to check if you can take advantage of these plans.
  • You may benefit from Group Discount or Advance Registration Discounts offered by NJI Computer Training Center. Discounted registrations are not transferable to a new year and are not refundable. So attend the class before it expires.