NJI Computer provides varieties of services to support professional and business users of computer equipment.
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Service/Maintenance Contracts

NJI Computers is offering a variety of service/maintenance contracts to protect your computer hardware and ensure the optimum performance of your computer systems.
NJI Service contracts limit your computer hardware and service cost to the amount of contract, allowing you to manage your budget more easily and providing you with:

  1. On-Site Service or free pickup, delivery, reinstallation at your office for all covered equipment in less than 24 business hours in most cases.
  2. Phone support for smaller problems, Windows Problems, Software Installation and Upgrade, network connectivity problem.
  3. Remote management, repair and maintenance where a phone line or internet connection is available.
  4. Renewing and upgrading old, broken or outdated equipment with newer and more advanced one.
  5. Option for loaner equipment if needed when same day repair is not possible.


To order NJI Networking services call (973)773-7355.

Small or large office, one location or multi-location, Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. NJI Computers helps you from the start to the end.

NJI is specialized in many different networking technologies. So when it comes to combining these technologies to optimize a network without unnecessary expenditure, NJI has the answer.

IBM PCs, Unix Workstations, Apple Computers and mainframe computers in one small office or across the continents can be integrated and networked to offer, efficient and low cost data-communication to the entire company.

 NJI Computers is a division of New Jersey Industrial Research Center, Inc.

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